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Avast ye lubbers ...
"The Jolly Rogers"
... are setting sail !!!!

Playing hornpipes and singing songs of the sea, including such classics as -

The Drunken Sailor, Captain Pugwash, Sailor's Hornpipe, Jamaican Farewell & The Mermaid.

So batten down the hatches, swill your grog and get ready for a broadside of Buccaneer banter !


Have appeared at:

Chatham Navy Days

London Docklands Seafood Fair

Canary Wharf Fun Day

Knebworth House

Grand Turk

Maidenhead "At The Seaside"

Stafford "Pirates Day"

St Katherine's Dock, London

Greenwich Maritime Museum

The Royal Thames Yacht Club

Central Beach Caravan Park, Isle of Sheppey



available as solo, duo, trio or more if required

Can work acoustically or with own quality PA system